Welcome to the website of CE2 Engineers, Inc., an engineering and construction management company based in Anchorage, Alaska. CE2 Engineers was established in 1985 to provide Alaskan communities with planning, design engineering, and force account construction management services.

CE2 has significant experience in the development of rural infrastructure projects, including water and sewer systems and solid waste engineering and design, as well as the design and construction of solid waste landfills, community multi-purpose buildings and bulk fuel storage facilities. We have managed force account construction for more rural sanitation projects in the state than any other private sector firm - more than $300 million in over 50 communities.

Our firm is organized into engineering, construction management, building, and management divisions to cost-effectively engineer and design, build, and maintain infrastructure in bush communities. Working with community leaders, we procure materials and equipment, hire local laborers, operators and truck drivers, provide training, and use time-tested management and construction techniques. No other firm can match our record for hiring and training local labor.

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